Week 4

As week 4 arrived out of nowhere, disebelievingly we were faced with an end to what felt, with fond comfort, as our normal lives. All of the nights working till 4am to make the perfect lesson plan, and the 7am wake ups began to catch up with us. However the passion ignited by the love, endless smiles, and inspirational work ethic of the laksh ecosystem made us fiercely ready to make the most of every day, and do all we could to contribute to Laksh. Ila auntie’s waterfull of good, that we had seen first hand nurturing all the surounding villages in ways that flowed and filtered and effected eveyrone in the surrounding area kept our fire burning fiercely. We (the volunteers) had, in what felt like a lifetime, become like siblings, Madan like a father and the whole Laksh community truly our family. With the unity of strong relationships enabling our mission we pursed on determined to teach and do everything we had wanted to, before the inevitable goodbye that we were fervently rejecting as a reality arrived.


The Lessons

In Maths we focused on Statistics this week, starting with mean, median and mode, and moving on to advanced methods like the “assumed mean method”. We used this topic to demonstrate how using actual data, rather than abstract numbers, can make maths seem more relevant to the children. We tried to show how gathering intersting data from the people in the class could make the children involved, interested and invested in a maths problem that could otherwise seem abstract and pointless. The teachers picked up statistics remarkably fast, and we managed to carry the class through to an impresively high level that wasn’t even covered in my first year university statistics module.

Statistics lesson on Mead, Median, Mode and Range

We discussed with the teachers how useful basic statistics can be to allow their students to understand what their test marks mean, for example, how 60% is a great result if the mean was 40%. We encouraged them to use this in their class tests. Furthermore we used this week on statistics to lay the groundwork for an electronic mark collection database that a permanent volunteer Shrini was building for the project, which required a knowledge of class test statistics to be used and understood by the teachers.

Our last day at Laksh



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